Experimental…Jazz…Progresive…Nikos Touliatos

Radio show by Andrius Kavaliauskas at 15-17 PM 20.09.07


This radio show is about Nikos Touliatos music. He born in Corinth in 1955, started playing drums, self-taught, in 1971. His personal style came into being through the experience he acquired playing various types of music for many years with traditional musicians, composers of modern music, and Greek and foreign jazz musicians, as well as through improvised music…

Track list of this Radio show:

>> Rhythmotropies…Nikos Touliatos & Percussive Ensemble Echodrasi:
Amoigia + Irida + Rhythmotropia + Anax + Koryvantes + Althaia
Amoigia + Memory + Duo Version for Percussion + Evga Mana Mou
Arinnyes + Ki Ithele Akomi + Polyrhythmia for percusion + Aethra

>> Percusion Oracle on Death…
By reason of a war:
Oracle II + Oracle III + Oracle V + Oracle VII + Oracle VIII
Oracle IX + Oracle XI + Oracle XII + Oracle XV

>> Encouders…
Nikos Touliatos with:
Yotis Kiourtsoglou + Andreas Mniestris


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