Beat goes on!!!

Radio show by Andrius Kavaliauskas at 15-17 PM 04.10.07
Track list of this Radio show:
Banco de Gaia – Last Train to Lhasa – China (clouds not mountains)
Beady Belle – Live in JazzNoJazz Festival Zurich
brazilfunk – fatback (bossa mix)
pablo garcia – fever
patentia – remember me
florens – amore (latin mix)
la banda – no tranco
maria m – midnight vision (bossa mix)
2 – man legends made 4 u
quattro – mexican bandito
mania – gypsy love (lovers mix)
red zone – groove nation
gustavo martinez – sunset
karolina pietra – that girl
Duddy Fat – Down to the Bone
Miles Davis – Mystery
Miles Davis – The Doo Bop Song
OMU – Desert in your eyes
United Future Organization – S
More Bossa – c – remix album
Nara Leao & Elis Regina – Samba de uma Nota
SUNSET YELLOW – This is jazz
The All Seeing I – Beat goes on
Don Zu


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