Laibach – More Total Than Totalitarianism

LAIBACH is Slovenian experimental music group, formed in June 1, 1980 and strongly associated with industrial, martial, and neo-classical music. Laibach represents the music wing of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) art collective, of which it was a founding member in 1984. They prefer to be known as a collective rather than reveal individual names. Laibach members never give personal interviews. The name “Laibach” is the German name for Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana. They tend to play with symbols, with totalitarian art and pop culture, taking an enemy’s stylistic and leading it to such level it becomes a satire.


-“Pop music is for sheep and we are shepherds disguised as wolves”
-“He who has material power, has spiritual power, and all art is subject to political manipulation, except for that which speaks the language of the same manipulation.”
-“Our mission is to make Evil lose its nerves.”


01-Vier Personen
03-Life is Life
04-Geburt Einer Nation
05-Tanz mit Laibach
07-Alle Gegen Alle
08-Wirtshaft Ist Tot
09-Across the Universe
10-Sympathy for the devil
11-Two of us
13-Jesus Christ Superstar
14-Deus Ex Machina
15-Final Countdown
17-Now you will pay
18-Die Liebe
20-The Cross
21-Das spiel ist aus
22-God is God
23-Leben Heißt Leben
26-In the Army Now
27-Kingdom of God
28-I me mine
29-Smrt Za Smrt


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