Hardcore – D.I.Y. till I die!!!

American Hardcore-The History Of American Punk Rock 1980-1986
01-Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown
02-Middle Class – Out of vogue
03-Bad Brains – Pay to cum
04-DOA – Fucked up Ronnie
05-Circle Jerks – Red Tape
06-Minor Threat – Filler
07-MDC – I remember
08-Untouchables – Nic fit
09-Gang Green – Kill a commie
10-The Freeze – Boston not la
11-Jerrys Kids – Straight jacket
12-SS Decontrol – Boiling point
13-Void – Time to die
14-Scream – Came without warning
15-Negative Approach – Friend or foe (1983 demo)
16-Articles of Faith – Bad attitude
17-Die kreuzen – Think for me
18-Batallion of Saints – My minds diseased
19-7 Seconds – I hate sports
20-Big Boys – Brickwall
21-Really Red – I was a teenage fuckup
22-Adolescents – I hate children (1980 demo)
23-YDI – Enemy for life
24-DRI – Runnin around
25-Cro-mags – Don’t tread on me (1982 demo)
26-Flipper – Ha ha ha

“Further into extreme”
27-Youth of Today – Make a change
28-Dead Kennedys – Califounia Uber Alles
29-Youth of Today – Break down the walls
30-Minor Threat – Straight Edge
31-Earth Crisis-Killing Brain Cells
32-xUltramilitantx – Vegan Straightedge – the Real
33-Children of Gaia – Straightedge Revenge
34-Earth Crisis-Breed the Killers – Ultramilitance
35-Etulinja – Toverit
36-1125 – Ja I Ty
37-New Winds – Deny Amerikkka Deny
38-Hatebreed – You’re never alone
39-Unkind – Revolution
40-Walls of Jericho – Try Fail Repeat
41-Confronto – Neva Era
42-Cherem – Retribution
43-Eye of the Judgment – Submission is for the weak
44-Walls of Jericho – With Devils Amongst Us All
45-Path of Resistance – Cant Stop the Truth
46-Purification – Holy War
47-This Time Tomorrow – Martyr
48-Liar – Iinvictus
49-Hatebreed – I Will Be Heard
50-Gorilla Biscuits – Good Intentions



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