Under my skin

SKINHEAD subculture is one of the most diverse and divided youth groups. On the contrary of what most people think, not all of the skins are bonheads (nazi skinheads). We have TROJAN Skinheads (those who identify with original subculture of late 1960s – officially nonpolitical), SHARP (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice), RASH (Red & Anarchist Skinheads), OI! (unity between Skinheads and Punks) or even GAYSKIN. Fashion-wise, skinheads range from a clean-cut 1960s mod-influenced style to less-strict punk and hardcore influenced styles. None of the bands that I present in my show is fascist. FUCK THE NAZIS

01-Agnostic Front – Gotta Go
02-Derrick Morgan – Tougher Than Though
03-Los Fastidios – Always with a beer in my hand
04-Angelic Upstarts – I’m an Upstart
05-The Specials – A message to you Rudi
06-Blaggers i.t.a. – House of the fascist scum
07-Symarip, the Pyramids & Seven Letters – Skinhead Moonstomp
08-Warzone – We’re the crew
09-F.F.D. – Homer
10-Dropkick Murphys – Do or Die
11-Stage Bottles – Work together
12-The Oppressed – Skinhead Girl
13-The Redskins – Keep On Keepin’ On
14-Warriors – Horror Show
15-Bad Manners – Shakin’ Up
16-Angelic Upstarts – Leave Me Alone
17-Los Fastidios – Antifa Hooligans
18-Warzone – Skinhead Girl Warrior
19-Symarip, the Pyramids & Seven Letters – Skinhead Jamboree
20-Toy Dolls – Cloughy Is A Boot Boy
21-Oi Polloi – Commies And Nazis
22-Derrick Morgan – Moon Hop
23-The 4 Skins – Clockwork Skinhead
24-The Baboonz – Time is right
25-Noise & Oi! – RASH
26-Boots and Braces – Oi! Is Still Alive
27-F.F.D. – Nasi Raus
28-Judge Dread – Big Ten
29-The Redskins – Kick Over The Statues
30-Protest – Fuck The RASH
31-Opcio K-95 – Skinhead only Red
32-Symarip, the Pyramids & Seven Letters – Skinhead Girl
33-Cock Sparrer – Working
34-Angelic Upstarts – Teenage Warning
35-Los Fastidios – Rock’n’riot



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