I am when I scream !!!


“Grrrls going extreme – female vanguard of the underground”

01.Detestation – Gospel fucker
02.Miss Violetta Beauregarde – Flanger when you die
03.Cojoba – Caso omiso
04.Otep – Lord Is My Weapon
05.Walls of Jericho – Another day another idiot
06.Gather – What you’re thankful for
07.Crisis – Different ways of decay
08.Lolita Storm – Suzy (straight version)
09.Harum Scarum – As civilians die
10.Skullsick Nation – Burning in my own hell (demo)
11.Omkara – Ballada o rzezniku
12.Bread And Water – Void
13.Arch Enemy – We Will Rise
14.Post Regiment – Kiedy krzycze
15.Miss Violetta Beauregarde – I’m Wolverine And You’re A Walrus And I’m Kicking Your Ass
16.Rabid – Shame
17.Crisis – Politics of domination
18.Conga Fury – Money Makes the More Go
19.Lolita Storm – Omelda
20.Sbith – Death will Find You
21.Kittie – Spit
22.I Object ! – Rules for the Trend
23.This Time Tomorrow – The Learning
24.Aphasia – The Untitled March
25.Skullsick Nation – We all fall down (demo)
26.Schiofosi – What’s Different
27.Detestation – Nao Mais
28.Otep – T.R.I.C.
29.Straight Edge Kegger – The Fuck
30.Fazed – Folterkammer
31.Miss Violetta Beauregarde – Wonder woman’s diary
32.Mental Disease – It Manipulates
33.Witch Hunt – Guilty Inside
34.Walls of Jericho – A trigger full of promises
35.Keny Arkana – La rage
36.Resolve – Crazy
37.Gather – Total liberation
38.Crisis – Waking the dead
39.Harum Scarum – Earthhater
40.Miss Violetta Beauregarde – I am a groupie fuck me


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