the roots of evil


01.Venom – Black Metal
02.Darkthrone – Unholy black metal
03.Burzum – War
04.Celtic Frost – Innocence And Wrath
05.Immortal – The Sun No Longer Rises
06.Satyricon – Mother North
07.Impaled Nazarene – When violence commands the day
08.Bathory – A Fine Day To Die
09.Darkthrone – The Pagan Winter
10.Behemoth – Grom (thunder)
11.Burzum – Lost Wisdom
12.Gorgoroth – Will to power
13.Summoning – Lugburz
14.Emperor – Curse you all men!
15.Nargaroth – Black metal ist krieg
16.Satyricon – Black Lava
17.Bathory – Foreverdark Woods
18.Behemoth – Lasy pomorza
19.Darkthrone – Too old Too cold
20.Limbonic Art – Beneath The Burial Surface


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