bitter fruits – black metal offspring


01.Emperor – Curse You All Men!
02.Genocide Commando – Black Metal Supremacy
03.Kampfar – Norse
04.Satanic Warmaster – True Blackness
05.Krieg – As Humanity Fades
06.Endstille – I Bless You…God
07.1349 – Pitch Black
08.Carpathian Forest – The Northern Hemisphere
09.Graupel – Westradikal
10.Marduk – Baptism by Fire
11.Negura Bunget – Wordless Knowledge
12.Opera IX – Battle Cry
13.Enslaved – Frost
14.Hate Forest – What the Ruins Remember
15.Horde – Invert The Inverted Cross
16.Antestor – Jesus Saves
17.Krieg – Without Light
18.Satanic Warmaster – The Vampiric Tyrant
19.Kampfar – Hymne
20.Endstille – Navigator
21.Marduk – Panzer Division Marduk
22.Genocide Commando – Clouds of Human Dust
23.Sigh – Nietzchean Conspiracy (Luchifer)


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