Rage and reason


01.Grandmaster Flash – The Message
02.Dead Prez – It’s bigger than hip hop
03.Alika & Nueva alianza – Dem got no love
04.Naj one – My story
05.Panika – Bezerk
06.Promoe – Justice (ft. anthony b)
07.Solomon Theta – Spoken Fist 2005
08.Rhythm – Afrika Wonder Woman
09.Divine Species – Edify the body
10.XedgeXjihadX – Animals Revenge
11.Stahhr & Copy – Still Dope
12.Jared Paul – Jesus In a Bowl Of Germs
13.Keny Arkana – Style Libre
14.S.K.I.P. of Nonsense – The QUESTion
15.Sole – Atheist jihad remix
16.Solillaquists of sound – As if we existed
17.Stahhr & Copy – U like it
18.Promoe – KKKampain
19.Alika & Nueva Alianza – Guerras (vale)
20.Fogatron – In Rotation
21.Jared Paul – Dead Sober
22.Panika – Green Solutions
23.X144 & SPS – Last Voice
24.XedgeXjihadX – SMI
25.Keny Arkana – La rage
26.Rhythm – ASAP
27.Solillaquists of sound – 911
28.Naj one – Path of perfection
29.Sole – Isn’t it sad (feat. passage)
30.Fogatron – Human Pusher


2 Responses to “Rage and reason”

  1. May 20, 2014 at 10:15 am

    For that totality of facts ascertains what is the case, and also anything is
    not the case.

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