Martial Industrial / Neofolk – cogwheel of fortune


Autopsia – Intro 1982
Autopsia – Lebensherrgabe 1983
Autopsia – Zinnia 1982
Current 93 – All the Stars are Dead Now
Current 93 – Fields of Rape (Sightless Return)
Death in June – All pigs must die
Death in June – Tick Tock
Death in June – Sons of Europe
Der Blutharsch – I sailed the sea of blood
Der Blutharsch – In the hands of the master
Genocide Organ – Ave satani
Genocide Organ – Conditio Humana
Genocide Organ – Face of horror
In Slaughter Natives – As My Shield
In Slaughter Natives – Ashes Of Angels
In Slaughter Natives – Blind Parasite
Laibach – Delo In Disciplina
Laibach – Nova Akropola
Laibach – Vojna Poema
Nature And Organisation – Bloodstreamruns
Nature And Organisation – My Black Diary
Sturmast – My Prayer
Triarii – Europe in flames
Triarii – Neuropa
Triarii – On wings of steel


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