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I have radio shows on every Monday from 15 till 17 PM.
Here You can see my playlists:

==>> 21.01.08 Radio show “Back to Origins” at 15-17 PM
Donis – Kunigunda Lunar Songs – Pavargusiems miego, nemiegantiems minčių;
Ionia, …ribos, Alexandreia, Švilpiai.
Atalyja – Dūda, Broliukai, Giedula, Lietus, Liepa, Močia, Našlala, Gojelis,
Oželis, Kuosela, Gerkit, svečiai; Gervelė, Sakalas.
Pievos – Mėnuli Baltas – Mirusių Daina
Osimira – Druva – Kupalka
L’ahka Muza – Plac Siren
Claustrum – Eternity And Solitude
Girnų giesmės – Šulinių teritorija
Driežas – Šilkinis rudens liūdesys
Lauxna Lauksna – Gintarais
Sovijus – Seaef
Moon Far Away – Zhito Zala
Lorelei – Fading Colours
Vilkduja – Dovanok Man Akivarus
Vinky – Shedryk

Mėnuo Judaragis

==>> 14.01.08 Radio show “Ska-Reggie-Challenge…” at 15-17 PM
Alameda do soudna – Dos en uno
ska p – legalizacion
ska p – el vals del obrero
Mago de Oz – Sexo Y Religion
Ska p – a la mierda
Darga – Casa Casa
Jah΄sta – Cry Freedom Dub – Rasta
5’NIZZA – 6 songs(ja ne ty, )
[dunkelbunt] – La Revedere
Darga – Histoire de Fess
Paco de Lucia – Chanela
Chambao – Flamenco chill
Chambao – Ahn estas tu
[dunkelbunt] – Smile Your Face
Paco de Lucia – Playa del carmιn
Paco de Lucia – La pantera Rosa

==>> 17.12.07 Radio show “Monos Silence…” at 15-17 PM

==>> 10.12.07 Radio show “Art of Noise since 1913…” at 15-17 PM
Luigi Russolo – esempi sonori – Corale – Serenata – Risveglio di una Città
Henry Cowell – Phantasy
Edgard Victor Achille Charles Varèse – Art of the States
Karlheinz Stockhausen ELUFA Real Scene
Boyd Blake Rice – Part of interview
Whitehouse – Extreme Music From Africa.mp3
Maurizio Bianchi – Blut Und Nebel
TenHornedBeast – The Sacred Truth – Teeth Of The Wolf
Kriegsfall-U – GoldenBough
Clear Stream Temple – 11CST_16th_Trump
C.C.C.C. – ChaosIsTheCosmos
Jorgen Knudsen – million Ways To Spend Your Time – froggs
Naoki Ishida – lunar Sinus
Baron Bum Blood – accapella Fluorescent Zombie Day Dreaming
Bury me in eden – this hearts a desert not to get lost in..
acid Toxemy – acid Tape
elektrosniper – erotic pleasures
Crab Smasher – soundtrack to a heart attack
ctephin – hexagram 64 – Before Completion – the Book of Changes
crab Smasher – serie una di collaborazione
andrew Seal – praying for oblivion
aether – dada numenus
synthetic Aesthetic – stripped

==>> 29.10.07 Radio show “The Doors are back!” at 15-17 PM

Break on Through (To the Other Side)
Light My Fire
People Are Strange
Riders on the Storm
L.A. Woman
Love Her Madly
Back Door Man
Touch Me
Hello, I Love You
Love Me Two Times
Twentieth Century Fox
The Crystal Ship
The Wasp
Peace Frog
The End
Roadhouse Blues
You make me real
Soul kitchen
My eyes have seen you
The unknown soldier
Spanish caravan
Not to touch the earth
Moonlight drive
The changeling
Waiting for the sun
Tell all the people
Wishful sinful
Wild child
Five to one
Strange days
Roadhouse blue
When the musics over

==>> 22.10.07 Radio show “Some Björk…” at 15-17 PM

==>> 04.10.07 Radio show “Beat goes on!!!” at 15-17 PM
Track list of this Radio show:
Banco de Gaia – Last Train to Lhasa – China (clouds not mountains)
Beady Belle – Live in JazzNoJazz Festival Zurich
brazilfunk – fatback (bossa mix)
pablo garcia – fever
patentia – remember me
florens – amore (latin mix)
la banda – no tranco
maria m – midnight vision (bossa mix)
2 – man legends made 4 u
quattro – mexican bandito
mania – gypsy love (lovers mix)
red zone – groove nation
gustavo martinez – sunset
karolina pietra – that girl
Duddy Fat – Down to the Bone
Miles Davis – Mystery
Miles Davis – The Doo Bop Song
OMU – Desert in your eyes
United Future Organization – S
More Bossa – c – remix album
Nara Leao & Elis Regina – Samba de uma Nota
SUNSET YELLOW – This is jazz
The All Seeing I – Beat goes on
Don Zu

==>> 20.09.07 Radio show “Experimental…Jazz…Progresive” at 15-17 PM


This radio show is about Nikos Touliatos music. He born in Corinth in 1955, started playing drums, self-taught, in 1971. His personal style came into being through the experience he acquired playing various types of music for many years with traditional musicians, composers of modern music, and Greek and foreign jazz musicians, as well as through improvised music…

Track list of this Radio show:

>> Rhythmotropies…Nikos Touliatos & Percussive Ensemble Echodrasi:
Amoigia + Irida + Rhythmotropia + Anax + Koryvantes + Althaia
Amoigia + Memory + Duo Version for Percussion + Evga Mana Mou
Arinnyes + Ki Ithele Akomi + Polyrhythmia for percusion + Aethra

>> Percusion Oracle on Death…
By reason of a war:
Oracle II + Oracle III + Oracle V + Oracle VII + Oracle VIII
Oracle IX + Oracle XI + Oracle XII + Oracle XV

>> Encouders…
Nikos Touliatos with:
Yotis Kiourtsoglou + Andreas Mniestris

==>> 23.08.07 Radio show “Shpongle toxiness” at 15-17 PM
Botanical Dimensions
Nothing lasts
Monster Hit
Outer Shpongolia
Levitation Nation
Vapour Rumours
Periscopes of Consciousness
Shpongle Spore
Behind Closed Eyelids
Schmaltz Herring
Divine Moments Of Truth
And The Day Turned To Night
Shpongle Falls
Are You Shpongled


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  1. 1 Konrad
    December 8, 2007 at 7:22 pm

    YO YO MUDAA … 🙂 hOW are you?? Why AREn’t YOU play any lithuaniuan music stuff?? it’s a innaprioprate:)
    Cheers!!! KOnrad Ginger kid:)

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