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Origianls And Covers

So to start the new year off with a bang , i thought i’d have a theme for my first show of 2008!! I decided to play original songs and artists that covered them! I’ve managed to find some very interesting covers. I’ve also managed to answer those life long questions about the song American Pie by Don Mclean, by explaining what the song actually means! I’ve also ( through the help of Zeepee) managed to think of a name for my radio show…… but you’ll have to listen to find out more about that! Here is my track list :-

  1. Don Henley – Boys of Summer
  2. Dj Sammy – Boys of Summer
  3. Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody
  4. Richard X & Liberty X – Being Nobody
  5. Daft Punk – Harder, better, Faster
  6. Kanye West – Stronger
  7. Queen – We Will Rock You
  8. Five – We Will Rock You
  9. Britney Spears – Hit Me Baby
  10. Travis – Hit Me Baby
  11. Steve Winwood – Valerie
  12. Eric Prydz – Call On Me
  13. Don McLean – American Pie
  14. Madonna – American Pie
  15. Ah Ha – Take On Me
  16. A1 – Take On Me
  17. Kaiser Chiefs – Oh My God
  18. Lily Allen – Oh My God
  19. Bill Withers – Just The Two Of Us
  20. Will Smith – Just The Two Of Us
  21. Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart
  22. Max Graham – Owner Of A Lonely Heart

I will also be having a couple more guests on this week, such likes as Callum Stone and hopefully some volunteers from Thessaloníki will be joining us! Over and out………..


Monos Silence…

Radio show by Andrius Kavaliauskas at 15-17 PM 17.12.07


Rage and reason


01.Grandmaster Flash – The Message
02.Dead Prez – It’s bigger than hip hop
03.Alika & Nueva alianza – Dem got no love
04.Naj one – My story
05.Panika – Bezerk
06.Promoe – Justice (ft. anthony b)
07.Solomon Theta – Spoken Fist 2005
08.Rhythm – Afrika Wonder Woman
09.Divine Species – Edify the body
10.XedgeXjihadX – Animals Revenge
11.Stahhr & Copy – Still Dope
12.Jared Paul – Jesus In a Bowl Of Germs
13.Keny Arkana – Style Libre
14.S.K.I.P. of Nonsense – The QUESTion
15.Sole – Atheist jihad remix
16.Solillaquists of sound – As if we existed
17.Stahhr & Copy – U like it
18.Promoe – KKKampain
19.Alika & Nueva Alianza – Guerras (vale)
20.Fogatron – In Rotation
21.Jared Paul – Dead Sober
22.Panika – Green Solutions
23.X144 & SPS – Last Voice
24.XedgeXjihadX – SMI
25.Keny Arkana – La rage
26.Rhythm – ASAP
27.Solillaquists of sound – 911
28.Naj one – Path of perfection
29.Sole – Isn’t it sad (feat. passage)
30.Fogatron – Human Pusher


Art of Noise since 1913…

Radio show by Andrius Kavaliauskas at 15-17 PM 10.12.07
Luigi Russolo – esempi sonori – Corale – Serenata – Risveglio di una Città
Henry Cowell – Phantasy
Edgard Victor Achille Charles Varèse – Art of the States
Karlheinz Stockhausen ELUFA Real Scene
Boyd Blake Rice – Part of interview
Whitehouse – Extreme Music From Africa.mp3
Maurizio Bianchi – Blut Und Nebel
TenHornedBeast – The Sacred Truth – Teeth Of The Wolf
Kriegsfall-U – GoldenBough
Clear Stream Temple – 11CST_16th_Trump
C.C.C.C. – ChaosIsTheCosmos
Jorgen Knudsen – million Ways To Spend Your Time – froggs
Naoki Ishida – lunar Sinus
Baron Bum Blood – accapella Fluorescent Zombie Day Dreaming
Bury me in eden – this hearts a desert not to get lost in..
acid Toxemy – acid Tape
elektrosniper – erotic pleasures
Crab Smasher – soundtrack to a heart attack
ctephin – hexagram 64 – Before Completion – the Book of Changes
crab Smasher – serie una di collaborazione
andrew Seal – praying for oblivion
aether – dada numenus
synthetic Aesthetic – stripped


bitter fruits – black metal offspring


01.Emperor – Curse You All Men!
02.Genocide Commando – Black Metal Supremacy
03.Kampfar – Norse
04.Satanic Warmaster – True Blackness
05.Krieg – As Humanity Fades
06.Endstille – I Bless You…God
07.1349 – Pitch Black
08.Carpathian Forest – The Northern Hemisphere
09.Graupel – Westradikal
10.Marduk – Baptism by Fire
11.Negura Bunget – Wordless Knowledge
12.Opera IX – Battle Cry
13.Enslaved – Frost
14.Hate Forest – What the Ruins Remember
15.Horde – Invert The Inverted Cross
16.Antestor – Jesus Saves
17.Krieg – Without Light
18.Satanic Warmaster – The Vampiric Tyrant
19.Kampfar – Hymne
20.Endstille – Navigator
21.Marduk – Panzer Division Marduk
22.Genocide Commando – Clouds of Human Dust
23.Sigh – Nietzchean Conspiracy (Luchifer)


the roots of evil


01.Venom – Black Metal
02.Darkthrone – Unholy black metal
03.Burzum – War
04.Celtic Frost – Innocence And Wrath
05.Immortal – The Sun No Longer Rises
06.Satyricon – Mother North
07.Impaled Nazarene – When violence commands the day
08.Bathory – A Fine Day To Die
09.Darkthrone – The Pagan Winter
10.Behemoth – Grom (thunder)
11.Burzum – Lost Wisdom
12.Gorgoroth – Will to power
13.Summoning – Lugburz
14.Emperor – Curse you all men!
15.Nargaroth – Black metal ist krieg
16.Satyricon – Black Lava
17.Bathory – Foreverdark Woods
18.Behemoth – Lasy pomorza
19.Darkthrone – Too old Too cold
20.Limbonic Art – Beneath The Burial Surface


I am when I scream !!!


“Grrrls going extreme – female vanguard of the underground”

01.Detestation – Gospel fucker
02.Miss Violetta Beauregarde – Flanger when you die
03.Cojoba – Caso omiso
04.Otep – Lord Is My Weapon
05.Walls of Jericho – Another day another idiot
06.Gather – What you’re thankful for
07.Crisis – Different ways of decay
08.Lolita Storm – Suzy (straight version)
09.Harum Scarum – As civilians die
10.Skullsick Nation – Burning in my own hell (demo)
11.Omkara – Ballada o rzezniku
12.Bread And Water – Void
13.Arch Enemy – We Will Rise
14.Post Regiment – Kiedy krzycze
15.Miss Violetta Beauregarde – I’m Wolverine And You’re A Walrus And I’m Kicking Your Ass
16.Rabid – Shame
17.Crisis – Politics of domination
18.Conga Fury – Money Makes the More Go
19.Lolita Storm – Omelda
20.Sbith – Death will Find You
21.Kittie – Spit
22.I Object ! – Rules for the Trend
23.This Time Tomorrow – The Learning
24.Aphasia – The Untitled March
25.Skullsick Nation – We all fall down (demo)
26.Schiofosi – What’s Different
27.Detestation – Nao Mais
28.Otep – T.R.I.C.
29.Straight Edge Kegger – The Fuck
30.Fazed – Folterkammer
31.Miss Violetta Beauregarde – Wonder woman’s diary
32.Mental Disease – It Manipulates
33.Witch Hunt – Guilty Inside
34.Walls of Jericho – A trigger full of promises
35.Keny Arkana – La rage
36.Resolve – Crazy
37.Gather – Total liberation
38.Crisis – Waking the dead
39.Harum Scarum – Earthhater
40.Miss Violetta Beauregarde – I am a groupie fuck me

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